Mini West Coast Tour 

In early July I'll be heading to Seattle and Eugene to play some shows, and visit some family.  Really it's for a family reunion, but I figured I'd take some extra time to fly into Seattle, see some friends and family, play a few shows, and then head down to Eugene where I'll play some private shows and one long public event!  Dates are on my calendar and will be updated as I get all of the info set in stone.  I juuuuuusssst set up the whole thing, so the final details are still in flux.  However, all the…

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I'm Back 

Well, after a whirlwind of moving to Michigan for a job and relationship in November last year, and struggling to make it all work, I have recently landed back in Wisconsin....  The last half of this year has been nuts since putting out Gravity, getting a new job, and planning/executing the move, and then everything else after that...  I'm now just getting settled and back into the swing of things. 

One of my goals this year is to share more of my journey and personal story through this blog, and now that…

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Indiegogo Thank You! 

At the beginning of June, thanks to around 50 backers, I was able to meet my goal of $3000 to finish "Gravity"!  I've been busy at work ever since and after two long years I have finally finished the album!!  About two weeks ago I had the CD pressed and have been slowly but surely getting copies out to my all of the backers prior to the CD release as promised.  

I can't express how thankful I am and how amazing it is to have such support from my fans, friends, and family.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU…

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Vocal Recording!!! 

Today I've finished up all of the vocal recording and I'm confident that I've recorded some of my best work yet!  I seriously can't wait to put this album out, but we still have a bit of work left.  Here's what's next:

-Misc. Percussion Recording

-Misc. Synth Recording during mixing to fill out the sound and give more production value

-Interlude Soundscapes (oh yes, I'll be submerging the listener with some audio imagery!)

-Vocal Harmonies (We'll probably fill out some parts to make them more epic, but…

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Previous events


J. Marsden Live at Working Draft

Working Draft Beer Company, 1129 E. Wilson St., Madison, WI

  1. Marsden will be playing 2 sets of originals and 90's alt/grunge acoustic rock. This will be the last show for J. Marsden for the year before he dives into writing/recording his next album, so you won't want to miss this opportunity! Come chill, enjoy some great beer, and still be home before bedtime!!



"MTV Unplugged" - 90's Acoustic Set

High Noon Saloon, 701A E. Washington Ave., Madison, WI

Happy Hour 4-7pm J. Marsden will be playing a full set of your favorite 90's grunge and alt rock classics along with a set of originals. Come enjoy a beer on High Noon's brand new patio!Combining influences of Neil Young, John Frusciante, Alice in Chains, and Pink Floyd, guitarist/singer/songwriter, J. Marsden creates his own take on 90’s acoustic alt./grunge rock.



Songwriter Night Hosted by J. Marsden

Communication, 2645 Milwaukee St., Madison, WI

$8 - All Ages - Doors at 7:30pm - Show starts at 8pm Join songwriters J. Marsden, Xander Anim, and Skylar Nahn at Communication for an intimate evening of uninterrupted performances. Communication is a cozy diy venue with available seating, cool art, and an attentive audience for an extra special connection with the musicians. All of the songwriters will be on stage at the same time which allows for some great banter, complimentary stories, and even some back up instrumentation. The artists will also rotate every song for plenty of variety!J. Marsden - www.jmarsdenmusic.comCombining influences of Neil Young, John Frusciante, Alice in Chains, and Pink Floyd, guitarist/singer/songwriter, J. Marsden creates his own take on 90’s acoustic alt./grunge rock. Xander Anim is an acoustic singer songwriter who combines R&B, Soul, and Hip-hop influences to create stories. Be prepared to dance, swoon, and reflect as you engage with each song. Listen to Only When The Rain Comes By Xander Anim by Xander Anim on #SoundCloud Nahn - Skylarnahn.bandcamp.comSkylar is a very talented singer/songwriter. You can tell he loves his craft by the way he performs.


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