Bike Snob

So this week, my challenge was to write a song with the title of "Bike Snob".  At first when I drew that slip I thought that I had the worst choice out of all the other titles that were drawn, but I just kinda dove right into writing and actually came out with something I'm pretty stoked about.  I started with just the guitar part and tried to write something that was more up beat with a verse riff that reminded me of riding a bike.  This song is definitely a stylistic detour from my first performance and the type of material I'm currently writing for a CD, however I chose a style that comes very naturally to me which I thought would help given that at first I was a little stumped with coming up with material.  I started brainstorming on lyrics by looking up cyclist jargon online and sketching down more rhythmic/rhyming phrases which came together nicely with the guitar parts I wrote.  All in all I'm pretty happy with the outcome of the song and am excited to share it with everyone on Monday!

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