Challenge #4 - Emotions

I finally finished the lyrics for my song Saturday, and have been fine tuning them as I rehearse for the show on Monday.  I drew the emotion "Doubt" and although I wanted to not make my song title super obvious, I ended up titling the song "Doubt" anyway.  I ended up somewhat writing the song from a viewpoint as if I was in a relationship with doubt.  The guitar part is a lot more driving that you would expect and has a killer breakdown that I'm excited to share with everyone!  
I don't know how well I'll be able to observe my growth as an artist while I'm still in this competition, but I can say that I've surprised myself with being able to come up with a new song over the past 3 weeks that I'm not only ok with, but actually excited to share with people, which is generally not the case.  I'm like a song a month maybe kinda guy.  I'm hoping that all this work will be the jumpstart I need to finish the CD that I'm currently writing and not burn me out!
I'm excited to see what the next challenge will be if I get through this week.  I'm not really looking for anything in particular as I kind of like the surprise of each new challenge.  I just hope that it will spark the creativity in me as well as fit the guitar part I already wrote when I was coming up with ideas for this week's challenge!

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