End of Summer Update

Alright, so I've been insanely busy this Summer, both with music, and my regular life too!  I work at a live event production/rental company so my summers are always full of events and extra work.  I hammered out all of the acoustic and electric tracks for the concept album I'm working on and spontaneously wrote some awesome parts that are really making the songs come alive.  Also, the recordings are sounding amazing!  Plus, I met an amazing woman, and well, you know what love interests do with your time ;)

Currently I'm working with a drummer to write some parts and really make these songs and this album something special.  I'm also practicing and writing bass guitar parts as well as working on all of the vocals while practicing for my upcoming big show for the High Noon Saloon's Summer Patio Series!  I do still have to write some lyrics..... yeah, I'm guilty of not finishing everything before starting the recording process...  However I'm getting a good picture of how the lyrics will be fitting the story and have come across the inspiration so I hope to finish those shortly!

My summer has been fucking tough, but amazing too, I hope yours has been more of the latter!

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