Indiegogo Thank You!

At the beginning of June, thanks to around 50 backers, I was able to meet my goal of $3000 to finish "Gravity"!  I've been busy at work ever since and after two long years I have finally finished the album!!  About two weeks ago I had the CD pressed and have been slowly but surely getting copies out to my all of the backers prior to the CD release as promised.  

I can't express how thankful I am and how amazing it is to have such support from my fans, friends, and family.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  The full realization of this success hasn't really sunk in yet, and is starting to show itself as I'm able to personally hand out CD's and tell people how grateful I truly am.  The feedback on the album so far has been incredible, and I can't wait to officially release it to the public on 8/24/17 at the Frequency!  

Here are the amazing people that made a dream of mine possible.  Without you this project wouldn't have happened and you deserve major credit!

Chelsea Roque, Joe Loetscher, Cam Shimniok, Roy Marsden, Judy Baker, Dave and Val Simpson, Karen Wheelock, Jeremiah Marsden, Patricia Worick, Justin Swenson, Kathryn Kyker, Sarah Fisher, Shane McNamara, Matt Lowrey, Mark Furst, Sam Myers, Eric Stover, Woody Shelton, Caleb Hopwood, Martin Vire, Ralph Bowden, Jim Roof, Will Steven, Becca Bowden, Brian Zimmerman, Stephanie Miller-Lamb, Rob Zibell, Jen German, Cathy Baker, Gretchen Haraldson, Kim Freeman, Hannah and Max Liptack, Brian Hatfield, Gisela Alt, Joe Yaeger, Travis Mancl, Mark Fairchild, Bill Whitford, Dan Grimes, Sierra Marx, Chandon Kunz, Al Bagwell, Mike Conners, Michelle Braun, Dick Bauhs, Paul Gilbertson, Zach Short, Kayla Driscoll, and Robin Wahle.



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