Lady in Red - Challenge #3

In this week's Project M challenge we all received the same picture of a woman in a red shirt walking away down a road that curves into the fog ahead.   Here's what I had to say about this week's challenge, and don't forget to help me out and keep voting!

Alright, so I'm feeling pretty good about the competition so far.  My song "Bike Snob" went over well with both the judges and my fans which definitely helped.  I think I'm now getting into the swing of things as I continue on.  
The hardest part of all this for me is probably writing the lyrics.  At least its the most time consuming thing and they need to really capture the essence of the song all around.  I find myself to be more of a guitarist first and a lyricist second so I try to use it to my advantage by writing all of the music in a way that I think will best convey the feel and emotion of the song.  I'll then try to find the right melody for the different parts of the song as well as a rhythmic meter for the lyrics to fit in.  Throughout this process I'll brainstorm different words and phrases that help to really capture the full meaning between the melodies and lyrical content, and then I'll try and try again until the pieces seem to fit right which seems to be the most difficult part!  
My song for this week has a tentative title of "Into the Gray" and I'm still working on the lyrics.  As you know, we all got the same picture that we have to base our songs on.  What I'm thinking so far is to use the woman walking away in the picture as the character and then use elements of the picture to compare to her journey forward through life from the moment she's stuck at in the picture.  Things like overcoming uncertainty and embracing the unknown come to mind.  I'm looking forward to finding the finished product as I write more and then to share it with everyone!


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