Vocal Recording!!!

Today I've finished up all of the vocal recording and I'm confident that I've recorded some of my best work yet!  I seriously can't wait to put this album out, but we still have a bit of work left.  Here's what's next:

-Misc. Percussion Recording

-Misc. Synth Recording during mixing to fill out the sound and give more production value

-Interlude Soundscapes (oh yes, I'll be submerging the listener with some audio imagery!)

-Vocal Harmonies (We'll probably fill out some parts to make them more epic, but have to get to that in production!)

-Mixing (this should take about a month or so and should be done by mid June)

-Mastering (this should only take a week or two and should be done before July!)

-Album Artwork (this is in the works right now)

-Duplication and Merchandise

-Distribution and Indiegogo order fulfillment

-CD Release prep and party!!  (shooting for Aug. 24th!)


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