J. Marsden

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A beautiful, dark, and spacey acoustic rock venture away from Earth.

"Life, in itself, is a mentally documented catalogue of memories, stored so uniquely by each individual. Artists, poets, and musicians alike spend their lives trying to describe the words written by the fate of uncertainty. The album "Gravity" is one of the most heartfelt and poignant attempts to capture the heartbreak and attempted escape we all feel from within, both of individual events that shape us, as well as our experience of life as a whole. Not only do the lyrics tell a story, they ask questions of whether fate is real, love and hate are one in the same, and what a life worth living truly is. J. Marsden's beautiful story across the intergalactic nature of space itself, as well as the journey of time through our own heads, is met with guitar work that is so crushingly beautiful it reminded me of the first time I heard the solo for "Comfortably Numb". Now I've heard Joe play ska, and make that artistic, so I shouldn't have been surprised that he could create guitar tapestries that are intricate, but also simultaneously utilize the efficiency of notes, bends, and even dissonance to convey the emotions behind them so perfectly. His voice is equally as much crooning and cutting, as it is lamenting and sorrowful, filling out an overall sound that is, well, spacey and secluded, dark and reckless, Bonnie and Clyde, wait. I derailed. I'm sure that you can make that work if you think enough. To top it off, all the musicianship fueling this immersive mindtrip is done to perfection, complimenting and highlighting what's important. It's a concept album (which I chose not to describe it as earlier due to those that turn the page when they read that like a fly landed on it) that you can listen to at face value, or relate to your own story. I recommend listening to it twice, through his, and your own paradigms. I'm proud to have been chosen to review this album, as it is not short of torture to pour your soul into a work knowing that others will know you better than they ever did.

"Out on the edge I can't catch my breath And I thought that I'd be in love with it"

-Riley Heninger"

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