J. Marsden - New Album Fundraiser Live Stream

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Streaming Live from TheSpaceship.TV

Stream starts 7pm CST / Tickets - $10

You can help to fund J. Marsden's upcoming album to be released in 2021! Tune in to give your support and see a full hour of originals, covers, and a couple fresh new songs streaming live to wherever you may be!

Get your tickets here: http://thespaceship.tv/box-office.html

Live Stream: http://thespaceship.tv/stage.html *the show will not be available at this link until the day of the event. Must purchase a ticket to view.

Reasons to tune in: 1). New song to be on the upcoming album will be debuted / 2). Two never before played live cover songs to be performed / 3). You liked Gravity and want to support the next album endeavor by J. Marsden / 4). You like to support up and coming musicians / 5). You're just a super rad person

This will be another show partnered with TheSpaceship.TV, and they've increased their gear and space for live streams 10 fold since J. Marsden was their first performer over 6 months ago. This means the quality of this stream is far beyond anything from a smartphone on Facebook Live, equating to higher fidelity and a better listening/viewing experience for you!

Making an album isn't cheap, and although J. Marsden has been able to handle a lot of the production for this album there are still some expenses that will need to be out of pocket to make this next album happen.

To give you an idea of what you're helping to fund, here are the following costs yet to be covered: -A skilled drummer's time and effort to perform on the album -Studio time to record drums -Album Mastering -Album artwork -Pressing physical copies of the album -Promotion of the album

The goal is to reach $1000 in a combination of ticket sales and donations, and you can help make this possible!

Join J. Marsden on 1/30 and enjoy some long overdue live music!!