Album Update - Bass Finished + New Live Show Announced 6/21/2021 

Bass guitars are fully recorded and sounding sooo good!  The tones are full, punchy, and snarly in all the right ways.  Plus the performances on this record are way more involved and upbeat compared to Gravity. 

On Gravity, my objective was to mostly just support the songs and guitar parts as the story was the focus of that album (and it was also my first time recording a bass performance on an album, shh don't tell).  

However, on the new album I feel like the bass is truly the heart and core of the songs.  It's driving, upbeat, and intricate where it needs to be.  I also got really creative with how I chose to back up or even lead the guitar parts with the bass parts, and I even recorded two bass parts on one song!

Now, onto the priority item at hand... Next Monday 6/21, I'm playing a live in person show where I get to perform for an actual audience!  I think the proper marketing way to word that is "you can see me live in person" but really I'm too stoked about it to not be a bit selfish... 

It will be at The Sylvee Side Stage for Make Music Madison day, and I'm so incredibly excited.  For one, because The Sylvee is the new premier venue in Madison and it's just really cool to be playing on their outdoor stage, and two, because I double checked and this will be my first live show (not including live streams) in almost two whole years!  (Thanks, COVID).

The show is Free, starts at 7pm, and there will be drinks available, a food cart, and outdoor seating.  I really couldn't ask for more for the first show after COVID.  OH, and a bonus, local veteran band and long time friends, SUNSPOT will be on just before me at 6pm!  Come swing by after work, I'd love to see your face and there will be plenty of other familiar faces there that I don't think any of us have seen in far too long.

OK, before this blog is too long, I wanted to mention that I've started recording the acoustic guitars and already have one song done.  The goal is to be completed with all acoustic guitars by end of June so I can start working on electric guitars and vocals in July. 

Next update will be all about acoustic guitar recording, so stay tuned for some cool inside info!

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