Mini West Coast Tour

In early July I'll be heading to Seattle and Eugene to play some shows, and visit some family.  Really it's for a family reunion, but I figured I'd take some extra time to fly into Seattle, see some friends and family, play a few shows, and then head down to Eugene where I'll play some private shows and one long public event!  Dates are on my calendar and will be updated as I get all of the info set in stone.  I juuuuuusssst set up the whole thing, so the final details are still in flux.  However, all the booking is done, I have flights, and I'm preparing my guitar rig to be able to fly with me.  I'm beyond excited for this as It's the first time I've not only flow for a gig, but also traveled anywhere besides the midwest to play a show!!  I'll be returning home on July 14th and will be playing a coming home/end of tour gig at Bos Meadery on July 15th.

Getting everything together took a bit of time and work, and a lot of getting turned down.  Fortunately I'm only working part time until next week, so I had the extra time to put into this project.  I also am very fortunate to get my booking e-mails out just in time to get the last few gigs I could.  I thought 3 months out would be ok, but most places were looking for 4-5, plus I've never been to town, so it was hard to find a place without a solid line up, and I didn't hear back from too many area musicians about playing with me.  However after enough persistence I found a Seattle Songwriter group, and was offered help from a friend of a friend in a cool local band.  I swear, it's always, always important to meet new people and network, it generally pays off in the long run!  

Now I just want to get a new song written and prepare a kick ass set for the tour... 

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