Project M!

I've been fortunate enough to make it to the top 8 in 105.5 Triple M's Project M songwriter competition which means I get to really compete and write new songs!  I'll need your help each week to vote for me to help me continue on... Here's some info on the voting and the competition:

Please go to:

Just click my name and click the vote button, you can vote as many times as you like! 

Each week we have a new song writing challenge to complete, which pretty much means writing a new song. Each performance challenge is on almost every Monday in May at Funk's Pub (2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd) and the finalist performance is at the High Noon Saloon on the 26th. The first challenge was to perform one of our best choices for an opening song, I chose my song "All I Wanted" and you can watch the video via the voting link as well (turned out great!). Now, at the beginning of the show at each week's new challenge performance someone will get eliminated. Next week's challenge is that we each had to write a song based on their sponsor Just Coffee's flavors... I got "Bike Snob"... I'm currently working hard to kick this one's ass so I can move one. I'll keep this updated each week with the new challenges, and of course will cancel it if I get eliminated... which hopefully with your help won't happen!
Thank you all for your support! :D

I also have to write a blog for Triple M each week as a contestant.  I'll be sharing those as I continue on as well... Here's my first one:

Hi, I'm J. Marsden and I've been very actively playing guitar, singing, and writing music over the last 15 years of my life.  I've played all types of musical genres throughout my career, however now my solo songs are more in the vein of Alt. Rock ballads with a spacey country western swagger to them.  I've played a couple hundred shows with various bands, but have recently been branching out as a singer songwriter over the past year and am grateful to be a part of Project M this year!  I'm really looking forward to the songwriting challenges so I can push myself to be creative in a new way, and I'm also excited to see the creativity of the other contestants!  I'll be performing a personal and fan favorite song of mine at for the first challenge.  I feel this song best represents where I am and where I'm going with my solo songwriting career.  I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday

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